WordPress Help Crawley and Horley

Do You Run Your Own Website Using WordPress?

Need Some Help From Time to Time?

WordPress has been the more popular choice for building websites in recent years, and many businesses are running and managing their own websites instead of paying web designers.

WordPress can certainly make the whole process much easier, but there will be times when a plugin doesn’t work, or you just can’t make something happen the way you want it to.

When you come across those situations, who do you turn to?

At Crawley & Horley Business Directory we can provide adhoc WordPress help as and when you need it.

We can help with

  • WordPress updates
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Integrating plugins
  • WordPress advice
  • Installing new WordPress themes
  • Migrating WordPress sites from one host to another
  • Backing up WordPress websites
  • WordPress fixes (when things go wrong)
  • and more…

The most important thing you can do for your website is to keep your backups regularly, and keep them off your host so you have independent copies. There are many good plugins that make this easy for you. As long as you have backups, you should be safe when doing any major (or minor) updates.