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Based in Crawley and covering Surrey and Sussex, ” I Repair Your Computer ” offers expert, reliable, cost-effective mobile computer repairs, IT support, spyware and virus removal, network implementation, PC health checks, data recovery and back-up, system upgrades, consultancy and training, PCs, laptops, PDAs, software and accessories, and broadband installation and phone services to home users and small businesses of up to ten users.

For all your computer problems…

We have all been there… it’s 5:30pm, you’re in the office and you realise that your computer is riddled with viruses. Or perhaps it’s the weekend and you have been struggling for hours to install new software. By Boxing Day your children are climbing the walls as you haven’t been able to make head nor tail of the new Smart TV.

We all use technology on a daily basis but often have difficulty installing, integrating and fixing them, which can result in a lot of time and stress. Don’t panic! While other computer repair companies close at 5pm and aren’t available out-of-hours, there is a name that can – and will – help.

Based in Crawley and covering Surrey and Sussex, “I Repair Your Computer” offers a wide range of fast and reliable mobile computer repair services to home users and businesses with up to ten users, visiting you at your home or office at a time to suit you.

Owner Geoff Williamson has 35 years experience and is available during the day, evenings and weekends, so no matter what the issue or emergency, you will always have an expert available to call on. In fact, the only day Geoff doesn’t work is Christmas Day!

Services available from I Repair Your Computer include:

◦Computer repairs

◦Spyware and virus removal

◦PC health checks and troubleshooting

◦Back-up advice and online back-up

◦System upgrades and servicing

◦Data recovery

◦Network implementation, including wireless set-up

◦Installation and training on new technologies, including web cameras and Smart TVs

◦Supply of PCs, laptops, PDAs, components and software

◦Phone services

◦Broadband installation

◦Overcoming wireless ‘dead spots’

◦IT consultancy and training

ituk.biz is also an authorised distributor of AVG Cloudcare and Box Secure Online Storage

please call 0800 0407048, 01293 894 444 or 07411 149 666 for further details.

Fully mobile computer repairs in Crawley

Whether you are a home user or small business, the modern world relies on technology for work, communication and entertainment. Lose that vital link to the internet or important data and life can get very difficult, very quickly.

“I Repair Your Computer” offers a fully mobile IT support and repair service; Geoff has his own, custom-built mini PC that has been specifically configured to safely remove the majority of viral and spyware infections from laptops, desktops and networked computers.

“I Repair Your Computer” will visit you within 24 hours of initial contact to diagnose and remove the problem.

Geoff explains, “Nine out of ten computers checked in the past twelve months have been infected with viruses or spyware, which can result in major issues for both home and business users. Of course, “I Repair Your Computer” can come to your home or workplace to debug your computer, but prevention is always better than cure, so we offer regular health checks to ensure that your PC, laptop or networked computer is in the best possible condition.”

In many cases, Geoff doesn’t even have to be on-site to diagnose and fix the problem; once you are a client, he can install specialist software so that with your permission, he is able to log-on remotely and make the necessary repairs, resulting in a fast, hassle-free service.

Home and Business repairs

Known for his experience, flexibility and supportive, friendly approach, Geoff Williamson from “I Repair Your Computer” is equally as happy to support home users as small businesses in Crawley, Surrey and Sussex.

In fact, many of his clients use him both at their office and at home as they know that that they will receive a high quality, responsive service, whether it is combating a malicious attack on your business’s computers or setting up a wireless-G range extender to overcome wireless ‘dead spots’ in your home.

An integral part of the Crawley community

With 38 years’ experience in IT, it is no surprise that Geoff is a well known face in Crawley’s business community and networking circles.

In fact, he is the President of the Crawley & Gatwick Chamber of Commerce, Area Lead Sussexat the FSB

He is also part of Local Help Crawley, a website to help those in need in Crawley.

Contact “I Repair Your Computer” today

Please call Geoff Williamson from “I Repair Your Computer” on 0800 0407048, 01293 894 444 or 07411 149 666 for more information about the IT support and repairs services available and to book an appointment.  Alternatively you can book online.

Contact: Geoff Williamson

I Repair Your Computer

4 Greyhound Slip
West Sussex
RH10 7FP

Tel: 01293 894444

Email: info@irepairyourcomputer.co.uk

Website: irepairyourcomputer.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/irepairyourcomputer

Twitter: @IRepairYourComp

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